By definition a "meeting or dwelling place," a lodge fosters gathering and community. As such, TARRY LODGE has served as the go-to spot for Port Chester's friends and neighbors since the building's beginnings over 100 years ago. Its storied history involves many incarnations—the building was once a speakeasy, then a dive bar (of the "5 meter high dive" variety), and later a full-on family restaurant. It's always been a place for locals and travelers to meet in a casual, warm and welcoming setting. Its newest life continues the trend, except now TARRY LODGE combines a comfortable atmosphere with exceptional food and wine.

Opened in Fall 2008 by Mario Batali, Joe Bastianich, Chef Andy Nusser and General Manager Nancy Selzer, TARRY LODGE is a true Italian trattoria experience designed to provide a casual environment for any gathering of friends, business associates or family. In the light meal and snack department, come join us in our classic saloon-like bar for a simple dish of Vitello Tonnato and a delicious quartino of Chianti. Looking for a place to entertain clients with big meat and big wine? Have a fragrant Osso Buco or deliciously charred Lamb Chops with your Super Tuscan in one of our handsome wood dining rooms. If you are marking a birthday, wedding, or just want to celebrate the good life ensconced away from the general public, our private dining staff will work with you to ensure your nearest and dearest are treated to a meal of classic and modern Italian dishes such as our Insalata La Loggia, a lightly charred and delicious Neapolitan style Pizza Margherita from our wood-burning oven or a plate of Strozzapretti all'Amatriciana, all hallmarks of the Batali and Bastianich signature take on food and style inspired by the entire Italian "boot."

What's better than a picnic by the water? Pick up a couple of pizzas and insalate from our TARRY TO GO menu and dine beside the Byram River.

Just plain thirsty for the good stuff?? Our knowledgeable staff will be able to guide you through our comprehensive and affordable all-Italian wine collection, stored in a state of the art wine display.

Both brand new and part of the historic waterside tradition in Port Chester, New York, TARRY LODGE is here to serve Westchester, Connecticut and the world of nomadic gastrotourists in the inimitable style of Babbo, Lupa, Del Posto and our 10 other restaurants in New York City, Las Vegas and Los Angeles. The Batali and Bastianich team of highly polished professionals is in a suburban setting for the first time to serve their exceptional and hungry clientele perhaps just a little bit closer to home.